Pet Odor Removal

There is a process and several techniques in removing pet odors and spots. When our technicians arrive to the home they access those spots and proceeded to using the best method of spot and pet odor removal. Our professional carpet care team is IICRC-certified to leave you with a perfect and healthy cleaning.

When urine comes in contact with carpet the urine can soak through multiple layers of the carpet. Household cleaners and detergents lack the strength professional equipment provides to thoroughly clean a spot. If left uncleaned, the spot will develop an odor, and attract bacteria as it decomposes. Decomposition can take up to 5 years.

carpet cleaning


  • Pet odor removal pricing starts at $10 a spot
    and goes up due to the severity and size of the spot.
  • Each area for cleaning can be up 250 square feet
    -- includes pretreatment and deodorizer

Benefits of Odor removal

Odor removal is very important. Besides the unpleasant smell of the odor, the odor is a sign of bacteria buildup and needs to be neutralized to avoid health issues. Regular pet odor removal helps promote a healthy home and avoid nasty infections.